Lightshare Outdoor String Lights, Dimmable LED Copper String Lights, 100 LEDs, 33 ft., Remote Control

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Our newly enhanced starry String lights offer superior Twinkle & glow. The newly improved remote controller features timer on/off setting; adjustable brightness, more options for twinkly or steady-on mode. The patented infrared (IR) remote control kit come with multi-function switch, which features timer or on/off setting. With this unique designed switch, the starry light is still in control even if remote controller is down or it's battery running out of juice. Both the strands & multi-function switch are water-resistant, safe for both indoor & outdoor use. This copper wire String light is features in multiple purpose use. For example, it can decorate your bedroom, club, party, wedding, Christmas tree, pool fence, porch, or even business like your storefront. Nothing is more magical & festive during the holidays than diamond lights.